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Quartz Restrike

Manufacturing Solid State Relays For Auxiliary Lighting Used In HID Fixtures

Lendar Design Inc. is a Canadian Company founded in 1979 and started manufacturing solid state relays for Auxiliary Lighting (Quartz Restrike) used in HID Fixtures in 1980. Since the beginning, Lendar Design Inc. delivered to customers good quality products at a competitive price. Our lead time is also the best in the market and our technical support is always there to help customers and develop products for them.

Our products are CSA certified and UL recognized components.

Quartz Restrike Manufacturer

Our Company is manufacturing different types of relays mainly for Quartz Auxiliary Light in HID fixtures (Quartz Restrike) but we also manufacture a starter protector for HPS fixtures and solid state flasher (single and dual output) for street signal lighting, advertising signs (neon or incandescent). Our engineering department will be glad to help you choose the products best suited for your applications and give you the technical support that you need.

Since 33 years, a lot of well known Companies have used our products and are still using them today: Edison Lighting, Phillips, Wide-Lite and Simkar Corporation are just a few of them.

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Solid State Relays For Auxiliary Lighting Used In HID Fixtures