Technical Support

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the max. temperature it can be used?

96 C.


2. What is the difference between model LD-2, LD-3AI and LD-4P?

  • The model LD-2 is used only on autotransformer (CWA) ballast and the maximum HID lamp it can be used with is 450w.
  • The model LD-3AI and LD-4P can be used with ballast (CWA, CWI or electronic) and the maximum HID lamp it can be used with is 1000w.
  • The model LD-2 and LD-3AI has a aluminum housing
  • The model LD-4P has a plastic housing for better insulation.


3. Which of the blue or the yellow lead do we use on the relay model LD-2?

  • The blue lead is used with MH lamp, MV lamp of 450w max and with the HPS lamp that has an operating voltage of 100v (200w to 450w).
  • The yellow lead is used only with HPS lamp that operates at 50 volts (up to 150w).


4. Do you make a relay that works on 220 volts?

No. You must have absolutely a 120 volts line or tap on your ballast to feed the auxiliary lamp control.


5. How do we connect your relay LD-2, LD-3AI, LD-4P… with our lamp (type, wattage and ballast)?

  • See diagram connection for LD-2.
  • See diagram connection for LD-3AI and LD-4P.